GB is a change in the way of doing things, taking into consideration the fundamental goal of providing the best services to our clients at the lowest rate. We offer comprehensive accounting and taxation advice for small and medium-sized companies starting new activities or for those which enter Argentina to develop new projects. We also deal with evaluation of investments projects, purchase of shares of stock and restructuring of debts.
What we have produced
  • We redesigned the legal and corporate structure of a newspaper.
  • We restructured the debt of a textile company in crisis.
  • We evaluated a pharmaceutical service company which was going to be sold.
  • We calculated confidential payroll of different companies.
  • We designed the start up of recently set-up companies.
  • We prepared and designed the launching of a company in the business market, both to get the interest of investors and to purchase and sell shares of stock or strategic associations.
We have given training courses and prepared reports concerning new regulation and financing mechanisms.
"...we do not have time... we have to do something..."
When an important business group with factories in the interior of he country required our services on a midnight of June 1997, we never imagined the deepness of the crisis it was undergoing. The sudden fall of their credit lines in a matter of hours and the impossibility to continue operating as a result of financial constrains was putting the company in virtual default while facing the total loss of its businesses. In less than three hours an interdisciplinary team was created to cope with the crisis and by dawn of the following day we already had a clear picture of the situation, we had focused the problem and prepared a set of emergency measures to cope with the crisis.
What seemed impossible was achieved: we overcame the crisis, the value of the intangible estate of the company remained the same, an agreement to maintain the credit line was reached with the group of creditor financial institutions and finally, a strategic partner was found to contribute with working capital and international management. We acted quickly with determination and were able to create the best work team in a critical moment.
" business is being sabotaged..."
One of our clients was concerned about the suspicion that one part of its products (of very special characteristics) was been manipulated by unscrupulous people who were altering the product quality conditions and invading stores with parallel supplies. We created an interdisciplinary research and development group and at the same time, we dealt with and supported the process of identifying such parallel network. Once the results were submitted to the to the sale forces and the people in charge of the retail stores, the parallel network -learning it had been discovered- immediately ceased its activity and everything went back to normal. New controls were planned to prevent this in the future.
"...I have a business and I need a partner..."
A leading garment company needed to make an assessment of itself facing the opportunity of having offers from third investors to join the business. It asked for advice and we made an appraisal of the company which rendered attractive values. Then, we designed a system to carry out the negotiation gradually, transferring the operation of the business to the third party as a first step. The second step was to transfer the ownership of part of the business maintaining the other part under the control of our client. On the basis of our report, our client took what it considered was the best choice.
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