September 25, 30. IBA Annual Conference, Prague, Czech Republic. To see photos of the Conference and the presentation of Daniel Roque Vítolo in the orbit of the Insolvency Committee's sessions, click here.
September 30. Dinner organized by Interlegal at the Palace Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic. «view images»
September 29. Seminar about "Doing Business in South America ", Chamber of Trade of the Czech Republic, Prague. María Agustina Vítolo took part of the Seminar as a speaker. «view images»
September 22 - 24. IBLC's Annual Retreat, Dresden, Germany. «view images»
August 24. "New Sources of Development Financing", Frankfurt , Germany. For more information, click here.
March 1 - 6. IBLC's Meeting, DF and Puebla, Mexico.
IBLC's Annual Retreat Salzburg, Austria.
Brasilia Prima!