In recent years we have consolidated our international position by becoming member of different organizations.
At present Vítolo Abogados takes part of the International Bar Association (IBA) where Daniel Roque Vítolo «Managing Director of the firm» is vice-chairman of its Insolvency Committee; the International Business Law Consortium (IBLC) and its Center for International Legal Studies (CILS); and Interlegal.
Since 2001, the IBLC «a well known international consortium with headquarters in Salzburg, Austria, which gathers law and audit firms from more than 90 cities all over the world» has varied our professional scenery projecting us to the new globalization world.
As a result of this projection, in 2004 we were invited to take part in the work net called Interlegal with headquarters in The Netherlands. Thus, since last May we have been the law firm representing Argentina at Interlegal, structuring with many other ones from around the world an organization which immediate purpose is the connection with law firms from other countries to provide, even abroad, better services to our respective Clients.
This coincides with our maxim: get from every point of view opportunities closer to our current clients and become a valid and considerable choice for our future clients.
More and better services with higher quality.
Brasilia Prima!