El Derecho

Death of a partner whose name is part of the name of a limited liability partnership . ED, 85-466.

Right to recess. A shareholder's right? ED, 89-753.

Delinquency in the payment to Directors. ED, 91-312.

A company under formation. A de facto company? ED, 93-146.

Judicial interference in companies. Its regulation through substantive and adjective rules. ED, 98-1007.

A company under formation and the liability of administrators and founders (Suggestions for future amendments). ED, 98-1007

Reflections on the legal regulation of the action for the protection of constitutional rights. Protection? ED, 137-873.

Headed for a new extra-judicial plan of arrangement? ED, 200-813.

Tax credits, determination sua sponte and insolvency proceedings. ED, 202-673.

Companies organized abroad which are not registered in Argentina. ED, 205-733.

More about investments through leveraged buy-out systems and insolvency proceedings. ED, 210-149.

Prevention concerning the use of off-shore structures in relation to money laundering and transnational crime. ED, 210-913

Fiduciary ownership and registration included in section 215 of Act 19550. ED, 212-1156.

Decentralization of insolvency proceedings in Act 26086: a return without glory. ED, 217-930.

Incomprehensible interference of courts in lawmaking. ED, 218-425

About a judicial decision with lights and shadows concerning the legal nature of the extra-judicial plan of arrangement. ED, 14/12/2006
La Ley

Currency value and non-expected events. LL, 14-9-81.

Company agreement under the Bill for the Unification of National Civil   and Commercial Legislation. LL, Sept. 14 and 15, 1988.

Resigning directors and liability. LL, 1989-C, 576.

Contesting Board decisions. LL, 1990-B, 966

Legal personality in corporate issues. LL, 1990-D, 830.

The State and its Emergency policy. Do individuals have actions?   LL, Apr. 30, 1990, Issue on Banking Law.

Uncertainty about the CER. Economic and Financial Indexes. Special issue of the Legal Journal La Ley, Dec. 2002

Who is afraid of bankruptcy? (Concerning a Bill for amendment). LL, 2003-B, 1130.

Application of the CER and the CVS to credits in the hypothesis of business reorganization and bankruptcy. LL, 2003-B, 1428.

Valuation of the company and transfer price in the new Business Salvage (sec. 48 of Act 24522 counter-amended). LL, 2003-C, 1001

Section 124 of Act 19550, Police Power and the myth of the Foreign Investor . Special issue on Foreign Companies, Resolution IGJ 7 and 8. LL, Nov. 2003

The bureau of Legal Entities exercises new controls on companies organised abroad. LL, 2004-A, 820

Companies organised abroad, isolated acts and capacity to be a party in legal proceedings. LL, 2004-E, 1391.

Use and abuse of the off shore corporate structures . LL, 2005-B, 904.

Identification of shareholders in stock companies and public order facing the globalization phenomenon. LL, 2005-B, 1129.

Directors' liability when the company enters the area of insolvency. LL, 2005-A, 1207.

Act 26047, an encouraging progress. LL, 2005, Vol. LXV-D, 4597.

Diversity of partners in business companies. LL, 2005-D, 1317.

Transnational bankruptcy "forum shopping" and the debtor's main center of interests. LL, 2006-B, 921.

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Blunders in bankruptcy matters: Act 26086. LL, 2006-C, 1133.

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Off-shore companies and section 124 of Act 19550 regarding the petition for bankruptcy. LL, 2006-D, 370.

Transfer of claims and substitution in insolvency proceedings. LL, Nov 1, 2006.
Revista de Derecho Laboral
Considerations concerning the continuation of business exploitation and jointly labor liability in the transfer. Rev. De Derecho laboral, Rubinzal Culzoni, 2001-1.
New act for economic emergency. Rev. De Derecho laboral, Rubinzal Culzoni, 2002-2.
Continuation of the exploitation of a bankrupt company and exercise of disciplinary and control power. Rev. De Derecho laboral, Rubinzal Culzoni, 2003-1.
Some aspects referred to the protection of workers’ salary in the Bankruptcy Act. Rubinzal Culzoni, 2005-1.
Revista de las Sociedades y los Concursos
Extensión of bankruptcy. Just a claim for payment for something else? RSC, N° 11, Julio-Agosto-2001.
Corporate controls in public offer. A view of American reaction facing fraud (Act Sabarnes-Oxley) and Argentine legislation. RSC, N° 20, Jan-Feb, 2003.
Bondholders and securities issued in series under the provisions of Act 25589. RSC, N° 21, March-April, 2003.
Companies organized abroad and their access to insolvency proceedings. RSC, N° 24, Sep-Oct,2003.
Prevention concerning the activity of off shore companies beyond the territory. RSC, N° 29, July-August, 2004.
Doctrina Societaria y Concursal
Evaluation of conduct in bankruptcy. A legal device under review. Doctrina Societaria y Concursal T° I, April 1987, Errepar.
Deliberation and voting in limited liability companies. Doctrina Societaria y Concursal T° I, April 1987, Errepar.
Extension of bankruptcy due to undividable confusion of estate. Validity of pars conditio creditorum. Doctrina Societaria y Concursal T° II, April 1989-90, Errepar.
Conversion of banking agreements by executive order, National Constitution and actions for the protection of constitutional rights. Doctrina Societaria y Concursal T° II, April 1989-90, Errepar.
Economic Emergency Act 23697 and conversion of securities representing shares of business companies. Doctrina Societaria y Concursal T° II, April 1989-90, Errepar.
State intervention in contracts among physical persons and actions to protect constitutional rights. Winds of change. Comment on the case “Peralta, Luis A. vs. National State on Protection of constitutional rights”. Doctrina Societaria y Concursal T° III, May 1990-91, Errepar.
Judicial confirmation of nominalism and decrease of the judicial cost. Doctrina Societaria y Concursal T° IV, June 1991-92, Errepar.
Sabarnes-Oxley Act of the United States, reality in Argentina and prevention of corporate fraud. Doctrina Societaria y Concursal N° 181, December 2002, Errepar.
Issuance of promissory notes including a clause to adjust the CER. Doctrina Societaria y Concursal N° 185, April 2003, Errepar.
IGJ General Resolution 8/2003 and Isolated Acts carried out in the country by a Company Organized Abroad. Doctrina Societaria y Concursal Nº 193, December 2003, Errepar.
The corporate fence concerning share anonymity is closing. Doctrina Societaria y Concursal Nº 209, April 2005, Errepar.
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