Guillermina Tajan
A lawyer from the City of Mar del Plata, she obtained her university degree with specialization in Economic Business Law at the University of Buenos Aires in 1995.

Due to her outstanding academic and teaching performance, she was secretary of the “Institute of Commercial Law” of the “Universidad Notarial Argentina” in 1997-2002. Among her several academic and professional activities, it is worth highlighting that she has been a Member of the Institute of Commercial Law of the Universidad Notarial Argentina since 1996; a Member of the Technical Committee on Competition Defense which depends on the Institute of Commercial Law of the Universidad Notarial Argentina, since 1996; a Member of the Committee of Competition Defense – “Argentine Federation of Layers Associations” (1998-2003); Assistant Professor in different chairs of Commercial Law since 1999.
In “Vítolo-Abogados” she gives advice in the Commercial and Business areas, especially in cases referred to Corporate Law, Commercial Contracts, Corporate Advice, Mergers and Acquisition, Competition Law, Disloyal Competition, Commercial Loyalty and Consumers’ Rights.

She has taken a large number of seminars and professional specialization courses, congresses and academic meetings, in many cases as a lectures. She has also cooperated with national and international legal journals by providing her articles and comments in her field of expertise.

At national level she has cooperated with the “Revista Jurídica Doctrina Societaria y Concursal” edited by Errepar since 2001 and had a recent cooperation with the “Revista de las Sociedades y los Concursos” edited by Ad-Hoc.

At international level and since 1998 she has been an active cooperator to the “Boletín Latinoamericano de Competencia” [Latin American Report on Competence] edited by the General Bureau IV, under the scope of the European Committee, Brussels, Luxemburg. She has recently participated in the “Revista de Jurisconsulta No. 8” (February 2004) of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota, Colombia.

In 1998, “Impacto de las Políticas sobre Defensa de la Competencia en los Mercados Integrados” [Impact of Policies on Competition Defense in Integrated Markets] -co-written by her- was recognized as best report corresponding to Subject II, Subsubject 3, at the “VII Argentine Congress on Corporate Law” and “III Ibero-American Congress on Corporate and Business Law” carried out by the “Universidad Argentina de la Empresa” in the City of Buenos Aires.

As a specialist in Competition Law, she has cooperated in the research carried out to publish the books “Foreign Investments in Argentina. Competition and Antitrust”, Ad-Hoc 2002, and “Manual Económico y Jurídico de la Empresa y de las Inversiones Extranjeras”, Ad-Hoc 2003. She also takes part in the “Foro Competencia” a virtual space for the debate of issued referred to Competition Law.
Among her last publications, we can mention the following:
“Las últimas reformas en el derecho de la competencia de la Unión Europea. Referencia obligada sobre los recientes casos de concentraciones económicas en Argentina” [Last amendments in competition law in the European Community. A compulsory reference to recent cases of economic concentration in Argentina], Legal Journal La Ley (2005).
La exclusión de voto. El caso de la AFIP y del acreedor en competencia, [Exclusion of vote. The case of AFIP and creditor in competition], co-written with Dr. Juan Pedro Ignacio Rosolén for Revista de las Sociedades y los Concursos Nº 30 September-October 2004.
Breve Reseña de los últimos casos analizados en el ámbito del Derecho de la Competencia, [A brief outline of the lastly analyzed cases in Competition Law], Revista Doctrina Societaria y Concursal, edited by Editorial Errepar, Nº 204 November de 2004.
La publicidad comparativa en argentina, Boletín Latinoamericano de Competencia, [Comparative advertising in Argentina], October 2004.


Marcas. Competencia Desleal. Publicidad comparativa. Nota al fallo "Cerveceria y Malteria Quilmes SAICA c/ CASA Isenbeck s/ Medida Cautelar", [Trademarks. Disloyal competition. Comparative advertising. Comment to “Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes SAICA vs. CASA Isenbeck on Provisional Remedy”], Revista Doctrina Societaria y Concursal, edited by Errepar, Nº 202 September 2004.
El control de las concentraciones económicas en Argentina, [Control over economic concentration in Argentina] at the “IX Argentine Congress on Corporate Law” and “V Ibero-American Congress on Corporate and Business Law” carried out by the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa, Tucumán 2004.
La competencia desleal en argentina, [Disloyal Competition in Argentina], Revista Jurisconsulta Cámara de Comercio Bogota Colombia, Nº 8 February 2004.
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