Juan Pedro I. Rosolén
He was born on July 31, 1975 in America, Province of Buenos Aires. As a lawyer he is a member of the “Lawyers Association of the City of Buenos Aires”.
A former rugbyer of the team of “Club Universitario de Buenos Aires”. After becoming a lawyer, taking the last 4 subjects of his studies via an exchange program at the “Universidade da Coruña” in Galicia, Spain, Juan further specialized by taking several seminars and courses both in Argentina and abroad concerning issues such as, “Internet and Law I” (Buenos Aires); “Acoustic Pollution” (Galicia, Spain); “Godnosc czlowieka jako zrodlo wolonsci y praw jednostki” [The Concept of Human Dignity in European Constitutions] (Wroclaw, Poland); “Labor Amendments” (Buenos Aires); “Newly Emerging Issues in Corporate Law and Finance Managed by American and Argentine Companies” (by Professor James Cox in Buenos Aires), among others.


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