María Agustina Vítolo
She was born in December 1980 in Buenos Aires, Federal City. He started her studies at the Institute Santísima Trinidad «known as Bluebell School» where she received bilingual education and graduated with honors. She studied Law at the Austral University and graduated in February 2004. While still an undergraduate, she took several improvement courses, both in the university and the professional field, attending different courses, seminars and conferences, some of them carried out abroad. Even as a student, she had the chance to take the Advanced Course on Company Law organized by the Centro Universitario de Estudios Superiores (CUDES).
Since her graduation, María Agustina has been related to the Austral University through the faculty as a member of the Family Law Chair at the School of Law.
Before her incorporation to Vítolo Abogados, she worked in another two law firms. First, she devoted to Civil and Family Law in an intern and then, in a more important and better known law firm, he had her first professional experience in the branches of Commercial and Business Law, both in the areas of counseling and litigation.
At present, María Agustina is taking the second year of a Master in Business Administration (MBA) at the CEMA University.
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